When Ingredients Matter



Kind. Simple. Pure. When I think of my grandmother, those are the words that come to mind. FloraKatherine, her namesake, was accidentally born out of a need for skin products that wouldn’t cause my own skin irritation and the need for fresh marketing ideas for another firm I own (which is totally unrelated to skincare).

Over twenty years ago, I discovered that my skin would not tolerate certain ingredients in makeup, lotions, detergents, deodorants, the list goes on and on. Like most girls, I want to smell nice. However, my skin will not tolerate lotions or perfumes with certain chemicals. I would either break out or my head would clog up. Awesome visual, huh? My plight seemed to be a life of non-scented, hypoallergenic products that made me feel (and smell) less than pretty. So, from the desire to “smell pretty,” my first lotion was born, using essential oils and organic, simple ingredients. I enjoyed it immensely and had no thoughts of ever selling it, until, one day, I needed a creative marketing idea for my clients in my other business. I was really low on fresh ideas, so I brought some of my homemade lotion, with its simple packaging, to my office manager and told her to give it out to clients. My client base was 90% women, and what woman doesn’t love free lotion, right? Well, to use the old cliché, the rest is history. Not long after sending out our “complimentary lotion” to clients, those same clients started calling our office wanting to know where they could purchase it.

The original name I had chosen for the company alluded to a sense of calm or a feeling of calm for your skin. All of my lotions have fragrances that are so light and faint, I feel they leave your skin with a sense of calm. We actually have a product called “Calm.” However, the name I had chosen was already taken. As with many of life’s best set-backs, this was more of a blessing than a curse. Having been brought back to square one for a company name caused me to take a step back and think about my product and my brand.

Because I wanted to focus on the concentration of botanicals in my product, I was researching different words and their meanings. In that search, I came across the word “flora.” Instantly, I knew what my company would be called. You see, my grandmother’s name was Flora Katherine. She was the kindest, purest lady. She always wore dresses and never wore much makeup, not because she couldn’t, but because she didn’t have to. Her skin was always beautiful, just like her heart. I started thinking about the purity of the products she had at her disposal back then. After all, she was born in 1909. What I came away with was the belief that “less is more.”

The goal at FloraKatherine is to create skincare products that use as many organic, chemically-free ingredients as possible. By making “small batch” formulas, we have the ability to use either all-natural or hypoallergenic preservatives instead of harsh chemicals to preserve our products. Our motto is to be “as chemically free as we can be.”

I hope you enjoy our kind, simple, pure skincare products as much as we do.
Thank you for entrusting your skin to us.

– Lori Warren
Founder & CEO