When Ingredients Matter

FloraKatherine- Where Nature Meets Skin

Our skin is an amazing organ. In fact, your skin is the largest organ of your body, but you probably already knew that. You try to take care of your skin the best you can, but concerns come up that can make skincare a bit frustrating. Lately, you have probably seen more and more “all-natural” or “organic” lines making their way to the marketplace. Are they truly better for your skin? When looking at the topical creams out there that are meant to absorb into our skin for various reasons, we usually go by smell or feel. How often do you look at the ingredient list? Our goal at FloraKatherine is to have a skincare line that not only smells great, but is also beneficial for your skin. We are “as chemically free as we can be.” It’s a good motto to have, but only if you follow it. Our unique process of botanically-infused products allows nature to meet skin in an amazing way.

Why FloraKatherine Stands Out

By creating “small batch” formulas, we increase the ability to use fewer preservatives in our products. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill drugstore or even cosmetic counter skincare! We are a specialty boutique skincare line that aims to make our products not only work for your most pressing skincare concerns, but are also trusted for safe usage. After all, when you look at how much your skin does for you, it’s vital to treat your skin like a trusted friend.

Botanically-Infused Creations

The end goal at FloraKatherine is to use as many botanically-infused ingredients as we possibly can; that means no parabens or phthalates are ever used in our skin-loving products. We choose to avoid these chemicals in our products due to their irritating side effects. Both parabens and phthalates have been linked to a number of serious health concerns, even though the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given the go-ahead for companies to use them. When there are so many wonderful ingredients given to us from the earth, why would we choose to use synthetically-based skincare products? Money. Natural products break down faster than synthetic ones and have a shorter shelf life, in turn, costing corporations money. Herein lies the difference between FloraKatherine and those large corporations. With our “small-batch” approach, we have the opportunity to use a higher concentration of botanically-infused products, thereby limiting your skin’s exposure to harsh chemicals.

FloraKatherine Skincare Works Smarter For You

Many hours of planning and research have gone into creating a line of skincare that truly cares about the health of your skin. At FloraKatherine, we don’t cut corners, as every batch is meticulously thought over and rigorously tested on real people, our people, for optimal results. You’ll see for yourself, once you start using our products, why we consider our artisanal skincare the perfect fit for the health-conscious consumer. FloraKatherine, the home of Where Nature Meets Skin. It’s a match made in heaven.

Aloe & Willow – Why We Love It

Aloe & Willow – A Match Made in Heaven

There are certain skincare ingredients that can do so much to pamper your skin. Overall, you want healthy skin that glows with radiant beauty; that includes having an even tone, smooth texture, and balanced hydration. Easier said than done, right? This is especially true if you have sensitive skin.

With the right skincare regimen, you can have that and even solve some skincare concerns, like sensitivity. There are many skincare ingredients that we absolutely love at FloraKatherine Skincare, but two in particular have caught our attention. They are aloe vera leaf juice and white willow bark. If you aren’t familiar with this dynamic duo and what they can do for your skincare regime, you’re in for a treat! Let’s explore the many benefits of aloe vera and willow bark and why we use them in so many of our skincare products, because we just love them!

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and White Willow Bark– Star Ingredients in our Calm Facial Serum

One of our cornerstone products at FloraKatherine Skincare is our Calm facial serum. This product not only contains soothing aloe vera leaf juice and white willow bark, which has natural anti-inflammatory effects, but you will find that with continued use, your skin feels pampered and nourished to the core. Fortify your skin against the daily elements that strive to damage it, making it more sensitive, by using Calm. For best results, use at night, after thoroughly cleansing your skin with our facial cleanser, applying to both face and décolleté.

The Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used for centuries in skincare, specifically due to the fact that it contains two skinhealing hormones, Auxin and Gibberellins, both displaying properties that can reduce skin inflammation. Topically, people have always used aloe vera to heal and treat wounds. Your grandmother may have grown it in her garden and you remember her putting it on scrapes and burns. Those properties haven’t changed. The soothing properties of aloe vera, when used in skincare, can truly help sensitive skin feel less irritated and reduce the appearance of redness. Overall, when you utilize aloe vera on a regular basis, you will find that your skin texture is well-balanced and has the ability to retain moisture like never before. Moisturizing, hydrating and soothing are three of the main reasons we love aloe vera in our skincare products.

Why White Willow Bark is a Natural Choice

White willow bark, if you’re not familiar with this ingredient, is harvested from the bark of the white willow tree. The benefits are numerous when added to skincare, but we love it because it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, soothing the skin through bouts of sensitivity. Willow bark is also known to balance moisture in the skin and act as a natural exfoliant. You’ll find that once you incorporate white willow bark into your skincare routine, the texture of your skin is smooth and silky soft.

A Powerful Duo

Aloe vera and white willow bark work so well in tandem together because they are a powerhouse of calming ingredients, making the after effect soothed and nourished skin. When you add our Calm facial serum to your skincare regime, you will see for yourself why we are so in love with them!